DigitalOcean Alternative – 7 Best Alternative of DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is one of the popular and you can say the most popular Cloud Hosting Service provider in the world. As it provide low cost service to his users.

There are many others self-hosted hosting provider comes with same pricing plan and better features and system. Among them most of the popular are Vultr, Linode, Upcloud, Kamatera, Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.

Vultr Hosting Provider

Vultr is the second most popular cloud hosting provider and my site host in their High Frequency Server. This is superfast server compare to any others server of DigitalOcean, Linode or even Vultr Cloud that comes in affordable price range. But we can’t compare with Google Cloud, or AWS.

Pricing Structure of Vultr

It pricing is one of the cheapest price from hosting company. Price start from 2.5 USD and 512MB RAM. Below the price structure for High frequency server which price start from 6 USD 1024GB RAM and 32GB storage.

Vultr OS Options

Operating system can install in a few click 8 different software. Cent OS and Ubuntu are the most popular software both are Linux based program.

You can install a single operating system in a single droplet with which you will get a dedicated IP address.

Vultr One Click Application

One click app install is the best for blogger like me and who has little bit knowledge or willing to learn by himself.

Here, you can install wordpress in just one click and set your dedicated IP with your domain name and your site is live. Apart from wordpress, you can install Openlitespeed, Plesk, Prestashop and total 18 application.

Openlitespeed and Plesk can use to install wordpress later with these admin dashboard. Openlitespeed is very much popular when come WordPress and one litespeed sever is much faster than NGINX (5times) and Apache (11times).

But in term of all NGINX much faster than Apache as well as LiteSpeed.

Vultr Server Location

Vultr comes with 17 sever location in the world and very few company comes with this number of server location.

We all know server location matters in server response time so choose nearest location wisely.

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