How to Create Google Workspace Account? 10% Discount Code [G Suite]

Creating a g suite/google workspace account is easy and can be created and set up within an hour or less time. We attach a full video to set up it. You just need to configure your domain level set up and creation of email id of your choice.

What we cover in this article?

  • Configuration of your domain and G Suite account with MX, TXT record.
  • Creation email id with your
  • Set up billing information and applying 10% discount code for a year.
  • Safe guarding your domain from getting in spam folder.

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Steps by Steps Guide to Setup G Suite Account

At the first Step, You need to enter G Suite website, newly Google renamed it as Google Workspace and choose plan according to you and click on Get Started.

You will land a new page with following details. and there you just need to enter business details and how many number of email id you want to create for your business it depends up you number of employees in the company.

After submitting details about you form just click on NEXT Button. A new window will open and ask you to provide your name and current email address preferable

In the next step, Google will confirm by asking about you domain name and if not, then google provide the service to buy one from google or just confirm that you have a domain name.

Next step is for your domain name and write it correctly in the given field.

Google will ask for your confirmation with the continuation of your current enter domain name. just continue after checking it correctly.

In this window, you need to create login user and password. Login user will be main email id to maintain account, create additional id and deleting others email id also with same domain name if you want to create more than one email id.

Now, it is the time to verify and adding MX record in your domain name. If you exit from this step and want to do it later just visit Google Admin Console and Login with gmail id and then select Business mail id.

You will find to section from where you can go to verification process.

Click On verify domain

After Adding TXT record in domain level click on Verify button. Ad your verification will be completed. Only type Txt and paste data in the field apart from that you don’t need to add anything. Just create and verify. 

After verification complete you can create others related business mail id for different purpose and in the trial period you can create up to 10 for 14 days.

Now this is the step to activate Gmail app using activation process. cllick on activate

To activate it you need to add Mx record and need to remove old MX record


5. Set up your email by adding MX records for Gmail.

  1. From the Type drop-down list, select MX.
  2. In the Name/Host/Alias field, enter @ or leave it blank.
  3. In the Server/Mail Server/Value/Answer/Destination field, enter ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM..
  4. In the Priority field, enter 1.
  5. In the Time to Live (TTL) field, enter 3600 or leave the default value.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Follow these same steps to add the MX records shown in this table. Start from the top of the table and enter as many as you have room for.

All Complete now you can send email from your new created Business gmail just use your login details what you create for sign in google admin console also.

If it is required to create and delete new business mail later follow the next steps.

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