How to Grow Email Subscribers list? Let’s See! How easy this steps?

When you are building a brand it is necessary to build your presence everywhere that is from youtube, facebook, instagram, quora, pinterest to large email subscriber lists.

Email subscriber is one of the best traffic source. And you don’t need to wait for Google or Bing search engine ranking. Whenever you are launching a new product you can drive traffic to your product page. How to collect email to grow your email subscriber?

benefits of email marketing 2021

This is not really easy task but not hard also. You might see that every site are trying to provide something for free or discount to the visitor.

But there is nothing for free. When you are giving something for free you are taking email or others data of the visitors. This is really effective process to collect email and grow email subscriber.

It is necessary to give something in return to get email from visitor. You can give them some special discount code for eCommerce, give trial for software, give free consultation.

How to create an email form submit?

There are many plugin software to create email submit form in your site. Among them most popular are OptinMonster, Convertful.

I like to recommend you Convertful. Also it comes with a free plan of up to 3000 visitor per month. Means you don’t have to pay up to 3000 visitor.

1. Create an account in Convertful

2. Add your site to Convertful

3. Connect this Account with WordPress Site

There are two way to connect sites…

1. Via WordPress Plugin

  1. Login to your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Find the Convertful plugin, install and activate it.
  3. When the Tools > Convertful page opens, click the “Connect to Convertful” button.

2. Via Google Tag Manager

  1. Login to your Google Tag Manager admin panel.
  2. Open the “Tags” tab, “New”, “Triggering”, and choose “All Pages”.
  3. Return to “Tag Configuration”, “Custom HTML”, and paste the script inside the canvas.

<script id=”convertful-api” src=”″ async></script>

Now this is the time to create actual form and adding code to the site. For that, you need to click Create Widget.

There is lots of widget and what you want you will find all here! Popup and Inline widget are most popular.

Select one and create email subscribe form it might be any type of form. In pop up form, you don’t need to add any code in the site.

After making appropriate editing don’t forget to edit display rule and activate pop up widget to collect email email addresses on wordpress.

Now You can see details of analytics of how many impression and others stats. And you can see how many visitor subscribe and their email from Subscriber Tab.

But how do you send mail? To do this you need to go integration tab and choose any of the email service provider.

Mailchimp is free up to 2000 email subscribers and 10000 free email monthly. But you can choose Sendinblue where you will get free for unlimited email subscribers and 9000 monthly free email.

How to Integrate Mailchimp or Sendinblue or GetResponse?

From Integration tab click on Add Integration and from new window select one which you want can login using credential for Mailchimp or Add API for Sendinblue for that login Sendinblue in a new chrome tap to copy API key from setting and paste here. Last just click on connect.

Now Adding Email Subscription to WordPress is complete and you can see whoever submit email in your website, you will get in mailchimp or sendinblue or others. To send mail just create email and send them. How to create email subscribe form is complete.

Another great way to grow email subscriber is to adding a chatbot of Tidio. It is the best chatbot for website.

In Tidio, you can set a beautiful chatbot who will talk to your visitors. When you are giving something or recommending something through chat, you can easily ask for their email in chat. In this way, you will get more email than general email form. How to collect email on website is complete.

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