How to Transfer WordPress Site to New Host? 2 Easiest Way!

Blogger and website owners want to transfer wordpress site to new host when their hosting is about to expire. It also happens to me. Because of limited budget and cost of renew is heavy.

And one more reason to transfer hosting is slow page loading time and high bounce rate which leads to low conversion.

We have describe how to increase wordpress website speed when your hosting does not have large resource.

Our recommended hosting provider which give you fastest page load time after optimize correctly are Bluehost, Greengeek, and Hostinger cheapest hosting provider. And Cloudways, WP Engine, Kinsta and WPX are premium hosting provider in the world.

Cloudways hosting is the best hosting which I use. And its price is in between both, not cheap and not high. But you will get best page load time and server setting with Cloudways as it use server of AWS, Google Cloud and DigitalOcean etc.

Steps to Transfer WordPress Site to a New Host

A WordPress website can be transfer in two method, manually or using plugin like Updraft or WPvivid, is a free plugin.

In the first step, we explain about manual process of website transferring from one host to a new host.

Step 1. Backup your existing site. When your site is hosting using a cPanel the process will be this. In case of Managed wordpress hosting follow Next steps.

There few way to backup any WordPress site. But I told you to backup separately as you are using cPanel.

Go to Puplic_html from File Manager and select all the file and compress it in zip. After the complete of compression, you will be able to download. This process will take time as per your total file size.

After completion of file download, you have to backup you database. To do this you need to click on phpMyAdmin and one new tap will open. There you may find more than one database. You have to select what is the actual database according to your site.

If you don’t know the actual database, you can confirm it by check wp-config file from you downloaded server file.

After finding actual file click on it and go export option and click on quick export.

Step 2. In this steps you need to upload all these file. To do this just do the opposite work. Only difference that is you have to create a database and change database information in wp config file.

Steps to Create Database, User and add this user to database.

1st Click on MySQL Databases from the cPanel dashboard. and there you will find 1st option to create database.

To create database you have to give a name just name it according to you choice and click on Create Database.

Next you have to create user, to do this come to bottom of the MySQL Databses window. You will find add new user, there create a user with a name and password. And note down all these create information.

Last step to create a successful database is to add user to the database. Come at last of this window and you will find add user to database. There, you have to select newly created database and user to connect both and give all the Privilege just clicking after Add.

Now your database will be created.

Steps to Upload Zip and MySQL File

To Unload database, just click on phpMyAdmin. From the new dashboard, you will find all the database in the left sidebar. Now, you need to click on newly created database which you created and give a name.

After clicking over it, you have to click on import, that you find from Menu panel upper side of the dashboard.

Once the Import window open, you can see the option to browse and import SQL file. From there choose the file and click on go at the bottom of this dashboard. (you may face problem if you SQL file upload size is smaller than original file size).

Now upload Website compress zip file. To do that, click on file manager from cPanel window and then negivate to Public_html directory.

Note: if you are hosting a single site, your file will be uploaded to Public_html. In case, one site already hosting in Public_html, you need to add your new domain for multisite hosing. Just after adding the new domain, you can see one new directory in the name of your site ( under Public html. Navigate to this directory to move wordpress site to new host.

And now, you can see upload option from menu panel that is located upper site of the window.

How to Add Multiple domain from cPanel?

Every cPanel divided in different section, from the domain section you find Addon Domain (Reference Namecheap), just open it. In the new window, you will find the options to add domain.

Enter new domain name without https or others. it is not important what you subdomain choose in the second field. Document root field is important. There you have to write /public_html/ Before do this change your DNS other wise it would not add.

Step 3. Now, This is the time to change DNS from you domain name. In case of you are using Cloudflare, you need to change from Cloudflare DNS setting.

But How to do this? Here is the full description in details –

Almost, everyone use Namecheap and Godaddy to buy domain name. But don’t buy their hosting, it is worst. I have written both of the two process.

To change in Godaddy, login into the panel. from the main window, you will see all product and service. Click on DNS from your listed product in the name of domain.

DNS management setting will be open and from their you can see Nameserver and a button written with Change click on it and change it. this is the complete process to migrate a website from one server to another.

how to transfer web hosting from one company to another


To Transfer Website To New Host is simple when you read one of our step. And easiest method among these two is with WPvivid Backup Plugin

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