Vultr Review – cPanel, Multisite, Nginx & Vultr Managed Hosting Review

Vultr VPS sever is the best SSD VPS server in my opinion. It has 17 server location through out the world. Vultr has lots of application to work with it but it is not more than DigitalOcean.

If you are a normal user who wants simple wordpress installation, FTP access, and PHPmyAdmin access, Maldet Security and Malware & Cockpit control panel then Vultr is better than DigitalOcean as it doesn’t provide all this automatically.

1. Easy Server Installation

Every company try to make their installation service simple. In comparison with other Vultr provide simple installation system. As well as Digitalocean installation service is simple but Linode system some how difficult I found.

After sign up in Vultr, you can a blue button just click on it and select 1st option. And the server, plan, and application selection window will open.

I will recommend to go with High Frequency server with $6 plan. Choose location nearest to your website visitor from server location option. As of my experience you and what I know to install few script installation work and configuration among them OpenLiteSpeed, WordPress, and Plesk.

I always recommend to go with wordpress and there you can install custom Laravel or others framework site also.

From server type go to application and you will find WordPress click on it and choose plan. $6 plan is enough to start with and can easily host more than million traffic. And rest you can keep blank and give a server name and click on Deploy Now.

Vultr Letsencrypt

Yes! Letsencrypt ssl certificate can be installed in your site for free of cost. and it is very easy to install.

Just you need to open putty and paste few code and it is really easy. Though I am not a developer I can do it. But you need to renew it in the gap of 3 months and also renewal is free.

Vultr Nginx, LiteSpeed and Apache

Vultr comes with all the server option and you need to configure it. If you want to know what is the fastest server, I say Nginx. Although, there is not much different in between Nginx and LiteSpeed.

But I must say don’t buy any hosting from anywhere which comes with Apache server. t is the worst server in term of speed.

Multisite Hosting in a Single Droplet

Vultr wordpress multisite hosting is possible. To do this you need to create a database first then create a directory in /var/www/. Then connect this directory with wordpress config file to this directory. And connect database with wp-config file. It is so simple.

If you want to learn it in details then buy this course of $20 and I have learned from here. Also, I provide service of WordPress Installation, Multisite Hosting Configuration and Website Migration. Just contact me on Fiverr.

Vultr WordPress Control Panel

You can install cPanel in Vultr but it is chargeable. Vultr provide free control panel of Cockpit and You can learn about Plesk panel as it comes with free version where you can host and manage 3 websites.

Vultr phpMyAdmin

When you choose WordPress as an application from the server installation step and deploy the server, phpMyAdmin will install automatically.

Unlike DigitalOcean you need to install phpMyAdmin manually in the server.

Vultr Managed Hosting

Vultr doesn’t provide managed hosting. you have to do it by yourself. You can learn from here. Or you can go for third party service to manage your server of Vultr.

  • Cloudways Vultr

Cloudways is the best and cheap manage cloud hosting platform where you can install WordPress, Magento, Laravel and PHP. 69% Cloudways users are using WordPress.

Their charge is very nominal if you combine additional service which they provide according to the regular price of Vultr.

  • WordPress Hosting

What I told in the time of server installation that is complete wordpress install. And you can install multiple additional wordpress in the single droplet.

Vultr WordPress Migration

As we mention in multisite hosting, the same process follow for the WordPress or any others site migration.

In case of migration, what you need to do extra that is upload you full database which you create to host multisite. And upload WordPress file with FTP to the directory you create for multisite hosting. And this is the difference between multisite hosting and wordpress migration.


Lastly, I love Vultr High Frequency Server and Perfmatters plugin which is help to touch page speed within 1 second. And Google page speed insight and GTmatirx score up to 100 almost all the time.

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